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Yule Preparations [/open]  Empty Yule Preparations [/open]

Post by Kitten on Sun Nov 29, 2015 8:01 pm

Verse: Viking rp as described by sparklingruins

Winter was coming, she'd heard the village elders complaining of their joints for many days now as frost greeted her feet as she stepped from her tent every morning. As the wife of their leader, Brenna was a well respected woman in the community and often heard the moans and pleas of their brothers and sisters. Today though, was a day for her to seek out the mystics...as Yule brought with it grand celebration, and ancient rituals.

The harvest that past year had been plentiful, and the warriors had returned with plenty of gold to trade with the bigger cities for cloth and iron for weapons. They'd been truly blessed by the Gods, and as their Jarlkona it was expected of her to attend such things.

She'd seek out Signy for such things, the girl was known for communicating with the Gods, after all.

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