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Post by SoSexy on Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:47 am

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Luconious grew up in an orphanage in the capital of Valorann. Even though he didn't have much he would always be trying to help out the orphanage, stealing coin from the pompous wealthy individuals, to give to the orphanage to keep it going. Over the years he became exquisitely talented at it. Once he reached the age of 16 he could no longer live there but he had a little hide out where he kept some riches he plundered and would save to help support the orphanage, but still have enough left over for him to survive. As his plundering became easier and easier and no who was able to catch him he tired of his life and wanted more of an adventure so he set off, but first making sure the orphanage had plenty of gold to keep them going for a long time to come. He had made a life for himself plundering from the richest of either dungeons or the wealthy. One day he meet with another rouge of equal talent, at first they started a fight over the riches of the dungeon before them, but ensued a truce as they were equally matched in combat as well. When they called their truce Luconious asked to see the other rouges face, she complied and removed her mask; he was a bit surprised to see it was a woman but none the less he did not judge her based on her sex but her skill instead. The duo then started to work together, rumors started to spread as everyone called them the silent shadows. The became great friends over the year of working together, and one day Luconious proposed to her, she smiled and accepted, the two were ecstatically happy. Although things were going great one day that all changed, when they were exploring a mysterious caves were rumors had it no one escaped from and were never seen again. This highly piqued their interest. As they were exploring the cave they came across this strange writing that Luconious has never seen before, Velki had learned of this language. It was Abyssal, the language of the demons, while she was reading the chiseled out engravings on the cold rugged wall. Her face began to look pale and a displeased, she immediately turned to Luconious and worriedly "we need to get out of here now!!" and they hurriedly got out he got out first hence he was closer to the path, as he turned around to check on his beloved. What he saw next just destroyed him on the inside as she was pulled in by demons and immediately he attempted to go back after her but the entrace was blocked with the debris of boulders which he could not move. After that he vowed he would return and save her or at least find out what she had read on the wall, so he traveled around learned the language of the abyssal. He then found himself in the town of Hayfall looking to collect a bounty on killing some orcs that were terrorizing the town every so often.

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