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Post by Unhinged on Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:25 am

Hello RP Portal partons! Here you'll find the basic rules and guidelines for roleplaying in our forums. As always, Please take a moment to look them over so topics dont get locked or deleted.

1. First thing you'll wanna do is make a character sheet for your character. You may have 1 thread for all of your charas, where you can link people to your character profile. All that we ask before posting is to use our example template to give us a little info on who you're playing. You'll wanna go HERE for your character submissions.

2.When posting a thread in the RP forum, please indicate weather or not your thread is open to others using this format
[open] = Open to any character/player
[open/limited] = Make sure you put your limitations on who can join in your thread. use this if you want genere specific characters, characters of a specific type, ect.
[Closed:Character Name Here] = For specific RP partners
[Closed:Completed] = For when your RP is finished. You can notify an admin to lock and move your thread to the archives, or wait till we notice and we can just do it then

3.Please make sure your RP thread falls under the correct category. EX: A harry potter based RP goes in fandom, While a Vampire RP goes in horror. We will move threads in appropriate sections without notice.

4.There is a specific section for smut/18+ RP. We will take corrective action if lewd rp is found elsewhere.

Rules are subject to change without warning. Any changes will be announced after the fact.

Happy RPing!˜

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