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Post by Unhinged on Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:46 am

Hey guys! Please take a moment to look over these rules. Read carefully as to avoid any confusion and to keep you here RPing with us!

The main goal of RP portal is to create a fun and safe environment for everyone who wishes to join us! In order to keep the peace we have set in place guidelines to follow. They are as follows...

1. When in the OOC (Out of Character) Forums, be polite to each other. Don't be hateful and nasty to someone just because you might not like them or thier opinions. Take your personal issues off site or to private messaging.

2. Harrassment will NOT be tolerated. Of any kind, any place, off site or on. Our players are entitled to feel safe and unattacked when they come here. We will handle cases of harassment privtely.

3. You are free to express your opinins, however you are NOT FREE from the consequences of doing so. Hate speech, expession of hatred towards someones race, religon, orientation, favorite tv show, anything like that wont be tolerated.

4. Graphic material and imagery is not allowed. This includes gore, pornography, violent abuse, ect. With the possible excption for pornography in ERP.

Rules are always subject to change without warning. An announcement will be mad if changes to the rules occur.


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